“Gimme Those Old PISC* Long Johns”

My ‘Sixty-seven

Parris Island-got Long Johns

still best in a freeze!


  • (I went to United States Marine Corps “Boot Camp” recruit training September 18, 1967.  On the nineteenth we not-sheep-shorn-of-hair privates were issued all out gear: to my surprise was two pair of cotton “Long Johns” cold-weather underwear.  I dutifully indelibly-marked each pair’s top and bottom with my initials and last name.  I did wear them two nights while taking the early November chill at this small resort island tucked in behind Hilton Head and the rest of The Sea Islands.  I even wore them a few weeks in Philadelphia a few years later – and found them again stowed in the bottom drawer of my chest of such pullouts at my parents home in what I still think of as “My Bedroom,” neatly folded and placed near the woolen socks, shirts and trousers I had since accumulated in my travels to much-loved Northern Climes – I love the heat and the cold: I have no say in the matter so I am so fortunate to like both – and even the middle unextreme – wet or dry.  I can not change weather and I am so glad I like all of it, though I do recall not a bit of any kind of weather is to be treated lightly. Like much if not all of what Planet Earth provides, there be dangers!)

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