“Bal’imore But Half-ChiTown”

Bal’imore* is half

a Chicago in killings:

Appalachia quakes!


  • (Baltimore, that little burg by Bethesda, my natal home, reports just half the annual murders and killings of cosmopolitan Chicago.  Both towns solidly Democrat-run for since ever.  A connection?  Both are by big bodies of water.  Both have muchly Black people killing muchly Black people?  Rich Black and White mostly immune: they live not in the target-rich zones.  A thousand dead combined.  Guns are illegal – mostly – in both towns.  Another series of connections?  In gun-filled Florida we have lots of idiots killing other lots of idiots – mostly who look like each other – yep, mostly Black.  But no where near those tallies.  Seven hundred for Chicago and ’bouth half-that for Bal’more.  The Raven – not the football team, fool! EAP’s Raven! must be awful. Proud. Of. Them. Numbers. No? Evermore!)

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    • I really do not know what to say, either, Shawn. I used to think young people need both parents; now, I am thinking that both parents need each other to raise right-thinking and right-acting young, and perhaps that it’s the young’s function to raise their parents in how to treat – and educate – their young. I do not blame the tools, just the fools that allow the tools to be used on other people – be the parents, teachers, preachers, cops, lawyers, judges and – mostly – the damnfools pointing the tools thinking, perhaps, that like on teevee everything comes right back to square one next week. I am happy you read and loved reading it, Shawn. It would have been my pleasure were it not so painful a subject; as it was, however, it was my duty to describe my heart over such senselessness.

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