“Bal’imore But Half-ChiTown”

Bal’imore* is half

a Chicago in killings:

Appalachia quakes!


  • (Baltimore, that little burg by Bethesda, my natal home, reports just half the annual murders and killings of cosmopolitan Chicago.  Both towns solidly Democrat-run for since ever.  A connection?  Both are by big bodies of water.  Both have muchly Black people killing muchly Black people?  Rich Black and White mostly immune: they live not in the target-rich zones.  A thousand dead combined.  Guns are illegal – mostly – in both towns.  Another series of connections?  In gun-filled Florida we have lots of idiots killing other lots of idiots – mostly who look like each other – yep, mostly Black.  But no where near those tallies.  Seven hundred for Chicago and ’bouth half-that for Bal’more.  The Raven – not the football team, fool! EAP’s Raven! must be awful. Proud. Of. Them. Numbers. No? Evermore!)

“Quesedilla Gone”

Quesedilla gone

but oh, so good with cold beer

and The Knights’* hot win!


  • (University of Central Florida became the only undefeated – regular- and post-season – in football Monday last with its defeat of Auburn, 34-27, in The Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia.  Yeah, Monday next Alabama and Georgia will duel to deliver the mythic championship of The Nation glorified but The Knights done did the impossible going 13-0 with its win over those two teams other Southeastern Conference foe Auburn.  The Tigers of The Plains – War Eagle! – had previously bested both Alabama and Georgia, if memory serves, earlier this season.  So? Does that make UCF – thenation’s fourth – or second? – largest school in these here United States of collegiate football playing unsanity the real and only National Champeens?  Disney is throwing UCF a parade Saturday and Orlando will follow suit soon thereafter.)

“The Military Mind*”

Stupid? We can do!

It’s one of our Specialties:

Gross or fine – you pick!


  • (While I hope, pray and – gulp! – trust the newest iteration of The Military Mind (set) is not set in this historic hysteric frozen amber of fight next war with last war’s tactics and weapons and by all means use the same failed strategies – American at least – has continued to use since last we had a War Department and a Secretary of War instead of the insipid department of defense(lessness) and a secretary of defense (yup! Less Mess This Way, TRUST US!)

“Blessed Bernoulli”

Blessed Bernoulli

affects my garden so well –

no ice – anywhere!


  • (The two-story middle school, once when smaller my junior high and before that when smaller still the town of Sanford’s then-new high school atop the town’s only hill, takes wintery wind off 11-mile-long (four-mile-wide) Lake Monroe to its North and bends and twists both the chill wind and the frigid cold in a roiling motion which very often escapes a visitation on my happy vegetables – which I cover dutifully in case the Italian scientist’s effect falls short or fails altogether.  I even take some of the tender herbs and seedlings for Spring transplanting inside: weightlifting without dumb-bells and reward-beer nearby!)

“The Neighbors Boggle”

The neighbors boggle –

beach sandals, shorts, long-sleeve tee:

search for tell-tale ice!*


  • (The thermometer read 30º Fahrenheit.  I saw one man crawl into his truck, layered in three jackets and sweatpants over jeans with gloves and watchcap and hoodie – and there I was bare-toed and tee-shirted sticking my bare hands into buckets of water left to tell the tale of the ice that should have formed.  That ‘mometer lies!  In 1971, fresh from six months of Naval Hospital ward-ship after nearly a year of tropical delights in Vietnam, I welcomed the Winter by starting my new VW Bug early each pre-dawn morning wearing flip-flops, a tee shirt and skivvie shorts.  Them Florida Boys sure am somethin’, huh? Finally told one neighbor there on 51st and Pine where I lived prior to Florida: Newfoundland!  That explains the drinking, he laughed!)