“Quesadilla Gone”

quesadilla gone

but oh so good with cold beer

and ‘The Knights*’ big game


  • (University of Central Florida, long a step-sister football program outta Sisters of The Poor(house) begun so lowly as to be forced to use Donnie Ellison walkon on a program without scholarships its first year and for the next three seasons as well this undersized (maybe 200 pounds) and undertall former high school state championship team’s center and sometime guard played guard – and started! – each year despite never appearing on the preseason depth chart! and then the slow climb from obscurity – the team played military units’ football squads for crimminy’s sakes! Fort Benning that first year and Donnie kept blocking that 300-pound tank of a nose-tackle all game long and you could not keep the ear-to-ear grin off his face: one of Florida high school legendary coach Al Werneke’s kids, he.  But back to Monday afternoon.  UCF never even a bridesmaid of sorts was the only non-big five conferences team to play New Years Day and they faced Alabama- and Georgia-killer Auburn university.  It wasn’t a laugher – by a long shot: but UCF’s Knights dominated the game until Auburn threatened to swipe the win but didn’t.  UCF 34, Auburn (of the Southeastern – Legendary! – Conference 27.  Eat them apples, fellas! Only Alabama’s taming of Clemson was a saving grace and a somehow sadder game because anyteam’s head coach firstnamed Dabo gots to be sumpin’ to cheerfor.  And to think I used to watch Not For Long league games – but some kneelers gunched up that deal, no?  Memphis was supposed to win the American Athletic Conference, and University of South Florida was supposed to stomp the upstart Knights (though UCF started football sooner than Them Bulls) so the nation’s second- (or possibly fourth) largest school by enrollment looks to be ladder-stealing if not actually climbing up near the low hanging clouds on collegiate football’s mount olym(sour)pusses patch.  Charge On! Knights!)

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