Can You Hear The Three-Named Guys Harmonizing? It all starts with a street named for bun-toppings and graduates to Ronnie McScream Until Mommy stops for GodsAwfulPredigestedCow and powder-coated-to-stay-crunchy UkraneFriedPotatoes and swims uphill from there. CSN did not know what they were seeing through that smoky glass, neh?

Cat Nap Revue

a supermarket
tiny shopping carts for kids
teach your children well

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Bruce! We never knew ye! I found a Cushman Eagle making love to rust well off the intersection of two four-laners put in decades at least before. The belly-tank shifter moved! Wanted to cart it back (a good half-mile) back to the jeep cheokee but thought better of the aeons-long involvement with a project like that for so little return. Better to have salvaged the rust and left the scooter to its quiet demise. The Northeast quadrant of Tuskawilla and whatever-n-hole the name of the E-W intersecting boulevard, but it’s probably under some just now falling apart hastily-thrown-up condos. Did have a fling with a Norton Commando a half-century back, though. Loved the green-tint logo-glasses.

Cat Nap Revue

1952 Black Vincent

vincent motorbike
rusting in her backyard
red molly now gray

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“I Even Saw Them”

When did ‘The Rock” wash

out of both my parents’ souls*?

Three boys might so do!


  • (I saw them, even, jitterbug that hot Summer night, swingin’ and a-stampin’ to the 1950s beat that maybe was a few years younger: both had smiles I never saw before and the way their fingers touched as they passed in time told me something I would wait decades to understand.  But it did help to explain why we three boys HAD to go to The Ritz all day Saturday – six RC ‘Cola bottle caps – rescued from a nearby gas station dispenser’s box and then a buck – plenty enough for a soda and a treat (often if I didn’t like the movie I’d keep the dollar and go to the library and join up with Glenn and Storm at showtime’s end to trudge the small mile home – safe in those days.)