December’s golden glory

Have missed of late Yassy’s wit and beautiful writing. December’s golden glory a Christmastime treat…and the Paul Randal “Answerku” haiku is remarkable and makes a wonder reading ful time so succinctly true…it’s the first comment following the poem and was posted – one of then 61 thoughts on DGG – December 25, 2017.


Even as silver winds spin cold
Adorning snowy mantle
December's golden glory
Rhapsodizes sky....

Hands cuddle dewed chimes
Warmed by firelight's evanescence;
Flames burned by time leap
Into seasons' embrace

Pensive days cascade
Into destiny's eternity
Twirling, endowing hope
That January will bring 
Interludes of global peace...

Only love endures--
Cries ache in terror's mayhem
Raking in wartime woes...

And now a questionku for you...

December ignites 
Wait of optimism....
Does love and hate meet halfway?

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So good, so true, I forgot to laugh at the image evoked the last time I drove: I may have to stop drinking so I may yet again voyeurize the makeup artists at motive-work. Thanks, Bruce for the keen eye and keener mind!

Cat Nap Revue

from the car behind
she pouts in my side mirror
putting on lipstick

(1st version appeared in “Failed Haiku,” 3/1/16, edited by Mike Rehling)

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