“Half-Past Pizza Year Lament”

Twenty-eighth (one-half!)

past ‘The Year’ and yet I wait

for half-price pizza!*


  •  (I sit in silent protest over some delivery chain’s poorish pizza said to be sent at half-price if – and only if – ordered on-line.  Haruumph! I will walk a half-block for the same ersatz slap or better yet extend those steps several blocks to secure some real Reggiano and perhaps some ‘shroons to go with the self-made sauce, and three-days-in-cool ‘fridgerated waiting sourdough pizza underpinnings. I have already the mozz and even some smoked provolone if I want precise preversion pizza – but I did hanker for some time-cutting stuff from the gameboard-looking parlor just a few steps – with a phone warning of what I wanted – away.  But I damn sure ain’t gonna go on loinline for a few bucks off.  I got beer. Got popcorn. Got college gridiron.  Make pizza overnight and dent the suds supply!)



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