“A Cat-Lover Suggests”

Cat-lover suggests

burn rest of California!

After ‘Pilot’ found!*


  • (Pilot, lost 10 years ago from her Santa Rosa, California castle and from her servant Jen Thompson (sp?) who gets a call from a wildfire firefighter about Pilot’s miraculous survival in the wilds of Burnifornia, suffering singed paws and such and in poor shape, but ALIVE!.  A Rush Limbaugh substitute holiday radio talk show host suggested if that were the case, it might be reasonable to set the rest of the state’s wilderness – no, not that part, the place of woods and deadwood and brush and dried grass the state’s environmental luddites insist is natural and thus unburnable or even un-cart-away-able – and perhaps millions more cats might be reunited with anguished loved servants of said felines.)

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