I Think I Mistaked My Response

Why I decided to make a blog? Well I love to write and I love reading and talking to people of similar interests to mine. Many factors play into me finally creating one. I want to write about my experiences. Be able to write somewhere where I won’t be criticise for how good or bad […]

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“A Cat-Lover Suggests”

Cat-lover suggests

burn rest of California!

After ‘Pilot’ found!*


  • (Pilot, lost 10 years ago from her Santa Rosa, California castle and from her servant Jen Thompson (sp?) who gets a call from a wildfire firefighter about Pilot’s miraculous survival in the wilds of Burnifornia, suffering singed paws and such and in poor shape, but ALIVE!.  A Rush Limbaugh substitute holiday radio talk show host suggested if that were the case, it might be reasonable to set the rest of the state’s wilderness – no, not that part, the place of woods and deadwood and brush and dried grass the state’s environmental luddites insist is natural and thus unburnable or even un-cart-away-able – and perhaps millions more cats might be reunited with anguished loved servants of said felines.)

“Half-Past Pizza Year Lament”

Twenty-eighth (one-half!)

past ‘The Year’ and yet I wait

for half-price pizza!*


  •  (I sit in silent protest over some delivery chain’s poorish pizza said to be sent at half-price if – and only if – ordered on-line.  Haruumph! I will walk a half-block for the same ersatz slap or better yet extend those steps several blocks to secure some real Reggiano and perhaps some ‘shroons to go with the self-made sauce, and three-days-in-cool ‘fridgerated waiting sourdough pizza underpinnings. I have already the mozz and even some smoked provolone if I want precise preversion pizza – but I did hanker for some time-cutting stuff from the gameboard-looking parlor just a few steps – with a phone warning of what I wanted – away.  But I damn sure ain’t gonna go on loinline for a few bucks off.  I got beer. Got popcorn. Got college gridiron.  Make pizza overnight and dent the suds supply!)



“Faint-Damn* Praising”

Overheard: Leastways

Michael Jackson be grabbin’

his very own crotch!


  • (Said during a radio discussion celebrities and sports figures’ continued need to ‘re-position’ themselves in public and especially in front of crowds during televised events.  However what prompted ‘The Overheard’ was not so much the case but of the continued habit, allegedly or even actually, of certain elected officials’ predilection – as well as that of certain persons high up the public food chain for grabbing others’ parts, both public and private, in places most public – and perhaps private. The pound-sign Me, Too! crowd goes wild!)