Breaking The Norm: Curfew

Illuminating and well-composed. Very well worth the read of this longer piece from a college student whose gender and the issues it raises – both humorously and seriously real – paint another picture of an important part of our world.


This exercise was done for a university paper.

            I’ve always gone home past my curfew but I’ve never left the house after it. For this assignment, I decided to do just that. I planned on taking my sister on a short cruise after midnight because god forbid I face the consequences of my actions alone. After dedicating hours to convince her to break curfew with me, we hopped into my car.

My sister and I were terrified for the first 5 minutes of cruising around, we could barely enjoy ourselves, but as time passed by and we assessed the level of anger we were receiving from my mother, we began to enjoy ourselves. My sister was mostly happy because she’s never been in a car that moved more than 80km/hr. The experience was liberating; the empty road, the speed, the music and our laughter offered a type of excitement…

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