The angry parade*

goes past quietly, somber,

at odds with The Day!


  • (A little false-to-fact juxtapositioning, no?  The parade is anything but quiet or reflectively joyous.  Christmas? Baby motorcycles, go-carts and dirtbikes flash and whine past without regard for kids, speed, stop-suggestion signs, and nary a cop – most likely watching for drunks on highways – to be seen to halt the parade of potential carnage.  Sometimes I am unsad to realize my new cell phone has no bars in front of the house.)


man’s first companions

even before dogs – and cats:

Grey Brother, land crabs!

  • (Possibly tertiary, surely secondary and in times of paucity, primary mission suppression of the family, clan and tribe’s survival food larder, the canine and feline came to call on man’s first followers – and depredators! – the rats, mice and cockroaches.)