3 thoughts on ““The Phone-Alarm Dodge”

    • Hit “snooze” on The Bose, but it was for a late-late radio show and while still dark denatured the wakeup alarm and that left only the cell phone’s tinny tiny voice which when I get just right on my right side the North Vietnamese Army-gifted charm of now-selective hearing via RPG (B-40 rocket propelled grenade) allows me to mis-remember to “hear” much of anything in certain registers. My old pre-war electronic hering test – I thought I had failed! – came back with all Zeroes in each column and the dots representing my acumen all were not only above the graph but above the title and labels above the graph. As a kid I used to awaken during a drizzly summer evening when a tree frog would leap from the dripping ligustrum leaf to land on my opened jalousie window’s glass slab. It was the hearing in Vietnam, December 9, 1970, I thought I heard a moarter round being relieved of its safety (cotter pin a the warhead end) so I got up off my flak jacket pillow against the 12×12 inch pillar on the bare wooden pallet bed up high as I said to me: “That’s not a moarter…it’s a B-4…my world went white, my sight – such as it was in the cold, damp dark – went away: I knew I was flying but my wings wouldn’t work and I don’t know how or how hard I landed. Now, I put the boring people on my left-ear side and remember to nod my head and say uh-huh, of course, or yes, dear ever 20 or so seconds to keep safe and if actually I like the person, say “no” once ever twenty “yesses” to prove I really am listening. Small-voiced cells – this’un’s a replacement and does not have Dvorak’s From The New World wakeup chime or even the Marines’ Hymn, I say yes, dear and go back to my better dreams. May your year have been – and will be – blessed, Yassy, and may the next one make you feel sad the last one was not so much the new one’s equal. J

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