Turkish Pide (kiymali pide)

Pardon while I got buy two dozen mops to help clear out the drool. Deliciousness.


I am so excited to write blog about Turkish food because I like Turkish cuisines so so much. I personally didn’t taste it Turkish food originally but I had seen this food in Turkish drama . so I am totally freak about to taste it so I tried Turkish pide at home just to change my taste buds and for fun as well.😜

I made this superb pide after reading a lot of Turkish pide Recipes and watching a lot of videos on YouTube so then I made one delicious Recipe for you guys . It taste was heavenly amazing and I used very less ingredients in this. Main ingredient of this dish is ground beef but you can make this in chicken also and if you are vegetarian make in your favorite vegetables. And it is very reasonable for everyone. Even Everyone can afford this amazing pide and good…

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