“The Big Three!”

Lion, Rooster, Bird*

fallow fools of Islam’s fear:

we will remember!


  • (England, France, Germany.  There’s more.  What Nikki Haley said – we’re taking names – and those who allow fear and envy, but mostly fear to sway their United Nations General Assembly votes well may rue the day.  I think that property along The East River would make a fine hotel.  I think my country has paid enough not to have friends fill the bags of expected insults with their lots as well.  We should stay U. N. members just to watch you squirm when you come calling. But that would be an insult to the American diplomats who will have to put up with you all.  I’m too bitter today to say what I really want.  I am not mad, especially with the countries who long have thought America a weak sister and toothless old alleycat, but more like sad that those countries which know better hopped aboard a flimsy bandwagon.  I already had posited my position and will so do again.  Let Palestine earn a capitol in Jerusalem by a generation – and more – of continued lack of rockets into Jewish communities across the fence, no more murders, not more bombings, no more kidnappings and honest brokerage of disputes and honest cooperation and then both Israel and the still not-nation of Palestine might find a way to Share this ancient and some say holy city for each’s capital and capitol.  But I suspect Palestine will accept only The End of Israel and all of the land under Islam.  And this from fellow Semites to fellow Semites. So very sad.)

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