Lost Voice – Christine Ray

I picked this off Yassy’s site and marvel still at her breadth of contacts and discoveries from others to us all. This is a disturbing and honest daymare I know with which I empathize. Christine Ray is worthy of much readership.

Sudden Denouement Collective

siren’s golden voice
once dropped confident syllables
into air
as naturally as breathing
now stifled in constricted throat
that struggles to swallow
six-sided anxiety
hot, sour bile

college ruled notebooks
once full
of manic scribblings
compulsively captured in black ink
before inspiration could swirl down the floor drain
collect dust
sigh from disuse

pen now held in death grip
fingers have lost their grace
their nerve
fertile mind now an empty room
where silence rings
torturous tinnitus

blindfolded by fear
weight pressing down on shoulders
by the weight of giant
unseen inquisitor’s voice barks
Have you reached the bottom of yourself
are you so shallow
so barren?!
Or is truth so deeply hidden
that you must dive inside
hand to elbow buried into slippery entails
to reach it?

surgical implements laid out
with precision on a stainless tray
slide into view
no hesitation picking up sharp scalpel
with shaking fingers

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“The Big Three!”

Lion, Rooster, Bird*

fallow fools of Islam’s fear:

we will remember!


  • (England, France, Germany.  There’s more.  What Nikki Haley said – we’re taking names – and those who allow fear and envy, but mostly fear to sway their United Nations General Assembly votes well may rue the day.  I think that property along The East River would make a fine hotel.  I think my country has paid enough not to have friends fill the bags of expected insults with their lots as well.  We should stay U. N. members just to watch you squirm when you come calling. But that would be an insult to the American diplomats who will have to put up with you all.  I’m too bitter today to say what I really want.  I am not mad, especially with the countries who long have thought America a weak sister and toothless old alleycat, but more like sad that those countries which know better hopped aboard a flimsy bandwagon.  I already had posited my position and will so do again.  Let Palestine earn a capitol in Jerusalem by a generation – and more – of continued lack of rockets into Jewish communities across the fence, no more murders, not more bombings, no more kidnappings and honest brokerage of disputes and honest cooperation and then both Israel and the still not-nation of Palestine might find a way to Share this ancient and some say holy city for each’s capital and capitol.  But I suspect Palestine will accept only The End of Israel and all of the land under Islam.  And this from fellow Semites to fellow Semites. So very sad.)

Turkish Pide (kiymali pide)

Pardon while I got buy two dozen mops to help clear out the drool. Deliciousness.


I am so excited to write blog about Turkish food because I like Turkish cuisines so so much. I personally didn’t taste it Turkish food originally but I had seen this food in Turkish drama . so I am totally freak about to taste it so I tried Turkish pide at home just to change my taste buds and for fun as well.😜

I made this superb pide after reading a lot of Turkish pide Recipes and watching a lot of videos on YouTube so then I made one delicious Recipe for you guys . It taste was heavenly amazing and I used very less ingredients in this. Main ingredient of this dish is ground beef but you can make this in chicken also and if you are vegetarian make in your favorite vegetables. And it is very reasonable for everyone. Even Everyone can afford this amazing pide and good…

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