“Wanna Light? Sure!”

Maybe I will have

light to help ‘slow suicides’

‘do’ themselves sooner.*


  • (The astounding number of not just homeless and homeless-looking people who come upon me and ask either “have a light?” or “got smokes?” just because I look like the bum I really play on life’s stage continues to amaze me.  Nope, is my usual answer, though often in is preceded by “Get that damn coffin nail outta my face if you wanna talk to me!”  But after thought – name of a favored newspaper editorial columnists offerings – I have come to the conclusion I might be doing myself a disservice:  should I carry a lighter and offer its use freely and often how much quicker might I hasten the “slow suicides” to their sought-after reward? A two-puff conundrum to be sure.)

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