“Haiku’s At The End…worth a bite”

Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome! I hope you are all doing well. It’s a beautiful day here in south Florida, although it’s still a bit chilly and by chilly I mean 70º F––yep, definitely sock weather. 😉 ◊ I’m sharing a section from Chapter 16 from my novel, The Fall of Lilith today. The angel Fornues […]

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2 thoughts on ““Haiku’s At The End…worth a bite”

  1. Just commenting on my haiku blog how the pebbled overcast heading your way from Sanford (with thin streamer-clouds fleeing North, presage yet another weak front. It’s been decades since I played rugby in Miami – with snow flurries. In Jax, I had to wear my Marine Corps long johns under my hooker’s kit for Orlando Rugby Football Club. We won second place at the game and took home the headache honors winning the kegs – three-to-two at the afterparty. When, finally, r I get my homework done I shall settle down for a warm Winter’s read. These 80-degree Fahrenheit noons just put the rust on the ol’e sleigh, no?


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