2 thoughts on ““At My Last Disaster”

    • Oh, you know, Yassy, m’dear, I am unthrilled with throngs past one. Besides, I’ve never even tried to wear one. Most of my disasters go underappreciated, and we likes it like that, yessum, we do. I was particularly happy with this little piece, and earning an emoji from you makes the little self-topped cherry I had emplaced seem sad and lonely by compare. I shall go now and emote in my best Emmet (the clown whose last name I will not go look up but whose countenance and rough-stubbled face and frayed cigar stub would rival Red Skelton…see, if I keep typing mayhap the last name will come: Till? Naw, too easy. Got more to transcribe so ta-ta! And I do thank You Your Most Highness the accolade!

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