The Numbered Haiku of Bruce Jewett

My longagofriend

BruceClayJewett wrote And Wrote

Now I find him here*

  • (Bruce Jewett’s wordpress work in haiku gets a number – he’s in the 1400s now in t his iteration of his cycle and does some of the finest work in that medium I have found – tears and laughter; pause and guffaw; and I am happy to say lots of people who visit both here and on Facebook find his work wonderful, too.  I just want y’all to know it’s not me, by my Phat Phrog, The Amphibious Green Machine raconteur and poet who’s to blame.  Take a bow, Juice: the cats who own you will approve – just so long as there is not a ‘nother wow following that first bow!)

2 thoughts on “The Numbered Haiku of Bruce Jewett

  1. From your lips to Thor’s ear, I hope. A long time ago you kept me breathing and besides, we’re lifers, the former jarhead variety. I don’t want to turn your pretty little head, but you do have a serious gift for prose. The legacy of the Remington Raiders, perhaps.. Thank you for your extremely kindhearted words… you make the world a kinder place.

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    • Juice: if only my keyboard kindly would decline my mis-types-takes, but I shall savor thy kind words. Or was that a kinder way of saying: for a singer you sure are a great writer? I agree. My facile comments in seventeens treat me like my photography: every 300 frames, 30 good, 10 excellent and one steals breath. I keep looking for the lain-out so I stride on, making sure mine eyes tickle the horizon and not enumerate the litter. Later. J


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