“Meandering Mind” Tanka 888

Mind wanders during

Weather, other important

news but not The Ads?


Do media have secret

frequencies they use for that?*


  • (Former engineer, science fiction writer and car designer Dean Ing, in one of his early novels posited a device developed – fictional story, guys – during World War II using Information Theory to develop thought- and mind-control devices using broadcast techniques/technologies.)

“Pissin’ In Your Own Coffee, Pal?”

Nazareth’s mayor

cancels Christmas because Trump

says ‘Jerusalem!’*


  • (Nazareth, the mayor and most of its residents, Muslim and for lo these many centuries have protected supposed holy Christian sites.  After Crusade One retook The Eternal City – not the ersatz one in Italy – care and control – and The Keys – were passed to a family of Islamic faith in Nazareth to ensure equal access to the church and the tomb by all sects of Christendom and thus it remains.  But the fly in today’s ointment is the potential cutoff of Christian coins coming to the people of this small town blessed by birth from its thousands, nay, tens of thousands of annual late-December pilgrims coming to town.  When American president DJ Trump announced the actual fact of what had been encoded in 1995 – that Jerusalem was, in fact, the capital of Israel, and further annoyed fools who fly against fact that the USA was moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the Nazarene mayor’s decision “To Cancel Christmas” smirks a laugh at me and a boon to all nose-fixers out there who will make buckets of money from reattaching cut-off proboscii throughout a warm and gracious land stretching worldwide these days but in this I write of The Pillars of Gibraltar to The Spice Islands.  So foolishly sad.  Besides, I truly would like to see both sides of the Semitic question quarreling as to how does one people, divided, ever come to agreement that Both may enjoy Capitol-hood with Jerusalem as their joint capital.  All it would take is true peace and staunch allydom. Now that truly might be novel enough to outside the mere mention of an unprovable fact of where and when a kid got born.)