“Sleep You Well, Remembered Dead*”

Sleep well honored dead,

sailors and Marines of Pearl:

Join The Panay’s crew!


  • (In in 1937 in what some of us consider the real “opening Shots” of World War II, the USS Panay, a riverine gunboat of the U.S. China Fleet was attacked by dive bombers of the Imperial Japanese Navy and sunk with terrible loss of life by American sailors and Marines.  The unprovoked attack – Japan, the U. S., Italy, Great Britain and other European powers currently occupying strategic portions of many Chinese ports and with legations in the capital city of Peking (now changed by The Communists to Beijing) – received little to no news back home and the federal government, aware of its woeful military posture at home and worldwide, continued to advance its policy of ostrichlike sandcastle building while humming arpeggios of What, Me Worry? with but a few stronger heads bellowing forth in Congress for an increased in Naval and Army spending for the war surely was coming.  After The Rape of Nanking by Japanese Army troops and further examples of Nippon treating China and Korea like the Germans treated Spain prior to their kickoff of The War of 1939, the U.S. continued wringing hands and stacking up battleships and B-17 bombers in neat little rows at places like Pearl Harbor and The Philippines and such awaiting the formal declaration of Sneak Attack by Japan Naval Air might.  Once again, America proved it will sacrifice any number of fine young men and a goodly number of civilians as well to prove to the doubting not in the least world our intentions are pure, mostly.  And, so, yesterday, President Donald John Trump before a small gathering of Pearl Harbor attack survivors who watched, declared that day a Day of Remembrance – and I added those lost aboard The Panay.  We have sacrificed other U.S.N. ships to the illusion we do not spy on our enemies and our friends from the sea – and each and every time in the last century little was done or none and all too late with the possible exception of the Mayaguez recaptured off Vietnam in 1977.  This time kick ass first and maybe the Thugs will get the message: Do Not Tread On Me!)

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