“She Held Out Her Hand” Tanka 882

She held out her hand,

said “My friend needs some money

(to kill her too-soon baby).”


And because we screwed so good

I helped finance a murder!”*


  • (In 1973 or ’74, what my girlfriend’s friend needed was $65 to complete the abortion transaction and this was the first steady piece I’d ever had since serving five years in the Marine Corps – usually just under a year at a time at any one place and since I was terminally slow in high school and college and did not understand the ways of the world – not an excuse, a reason, I hope! – I said to her, sure.  Just let me get cleaned up and dressed and I’ll go down to the credit union and get the money.  Do we need anything for the fridge?  And that was that.  And I have been haunted by that accomplishment and accomplicehood eversince.)

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    • Sorry to disagree: The head I think with not the one I use for blood storage device, dear lady. I already knew my moral stand on abortion. I knew the accumulation of debt for supporting another’s trek to end an unwanted life was mine. Oddly a few years later I met the lady – and her husband (the father of that aborted baby, too!) and they had two children who seemed happy and healthy. The former girlfriend – who now was divorced and with a young son of her own, had later after that money change of hands told me of her own guilt and pangs with her own two abortions as a teen. Catholic. That part I did not understand. From then on my promiscuity became much more tempered with talk beforehand of preventative measures by us both. That same girl…but that’s a tale for another shortish long story. Thank you, Yassy, for you kind words. In so many ways I remain innocent to the ways of the world – and will struggle hard so to remain. Be well and flourish his season!

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      • You are just three good for me, dear Lady Yasmin! Now, I go to transcribe, trip through The Book of Faces and Twitterland to cull repeats and see whom I have setup or versa vice before spending some time in readership lands. We have serious – to tender veg and herbs just set into next-size pots for Spring replanting – cold (for here!) weather and rains and maybe storms and possibly smallish tornadoes on tap for tonight, all Saturday and much of Sunday morning. Excellent. I have a turkey soup to construct after praying thanks to the carcass and a plenty-potent chili to build as well whilst I read and write and un-phone and un-net. And maybe some half-hundred gallons of composted worm poop to spread between showers. Be well and flourish, ma’am!

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  1. My glad day brightens measurably – in both lumens and shown teeth – when I traverse the Press of Words’ commentary thread and find yet another unanswered post from Yassy! My day, made!


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