“Puerto Rican ‘Mouths'”

Puerto Rican ‘mouths

‘Bad’ Trump for his own country’s

corrupt government!*


  • (I know, I know, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, but it insists in some if not many cases it is its own “country.”  They march alone in The Olympics, though in both World War II and Korea Puerto Rican National Guardsmen under their own banners and with their own leaders served not only honorably but legendarily much like the mainland’s Native Americans, especially Code Talkers and not just Navajo and not just Code Talkers.  But the amount of graft and corruption and mal- and misfeasance by elected and appointed Puerto Ricans also is legendary and more the cause for the past Summer’s hurricane damage to what little infrastructure the Island has is no fault of Donald J. Trump, but of your own leadership.  Welcome to Florida.  Bienvenidos! Please vote back on your own Island by absentee ballot and do not infect La Florida any further than the immigrants we get yearly from the socialist states of New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere.  Fine?  Have an empenada with alcaparado!)

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