“Man On A Toy Bike” Tanka 881

Man rode toy bike by:

rake yo’ leaves – cuplabucks?

I looked at my pile,


said: Seven I got for beer:

‘sides, see the pile ‘neath these trees?*


  • (The child’s miniature dirtbike he rode made him look ridiculous, and I told him to ride over the big four-lane highway next block to the East where the rich white folks live and carry his lawnrake and maybe he’d fine work there and even if not in a couple of hours stop by and I’ll have a cold one ready to share.  Damn fool who didn’t take to time to scout his “mark,” could have seen the recently raked near clear of leaves front yard and the piles of leaves ringing the garden and didn’t even tailor his pitch to the market.  Get rid of the kiddiebike, buddy, and don’t go shopping in the wrong aisle.)

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