“Early ‘Cember Rains”

Rare ‘spring’ heatwave brings

early ‘cember rains and cold:

Sweaters on Sunday!*


  • (Two weeks ago it was a mile cold front with maybe high 50ºs at morning  and in ten days that all changed with a moderately strong cold front and maybe high 40sº and just last night the weather-shouters in Melbourne, Florida, opened the bid for the last trick at “somewhere in the 30sº. Oh, joy.  That’s why I made the seed-pots so portable instead of ground-sewing with a straw protective cover.  A Christmas freeze in the offinig?  That would be nice.  Knock down the fleas and ticks and mayhap move the Urban Outdoorsmen among to migrate a mite southerly?  Some such already have moved into the big round replacement sewerpipes still homeless and above-ground out by the nearly tripled-in-size community garden by the big treelot bordering the park which served for a time as the Hurricane Irma detritus deposit and now serves as the seemingly yearlong repository of the Sanford Stormwater Sewer replacement/improvement project.  Hey.  Sounds good to me, a nice thick piece of concrete on a curve for sleeping and sitting and mostly dry for thems as do not wish to take on the trouble of a homeless shelter.  I can dig it.  Too bad the city won’t.)

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