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…before 2018 is through I shall hard-try to clean up my blog(s) and get some semblance of order to the entire mess.  But, J, he whined so plaintively, does that mean you will clean the top of your putative desk before it sprouts or trees grow out of the mouldering mass of who knows what?  Hey! I know exactly what’s in each stack!  And if you give me a year or seven I will prove it!

“Puerto Rican ‘Mouths'”

Puerto Rican ‘mouths

‘Bad’ Trump for his own country’s

corrupt government!*


  • (I know, I know, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, but it insists in some if not many cases it is its own “country.”  They march alone in The Olympics, though in both World War II and Korea Puerto Rican National Guardsmen under their own banners and with their own leaders served not only honorably but legendarily much like the mainland’s Native Americans, especially Code Talkers and not just Navajo and not just Code Talkers.  But the amount of graft and corruption and mal- and misfeasance by elected and appointed Puerto Ricans also is legendary and more the cause for the past Summer’s hurricane damage to what little infrastructure the Island has is no fault of Donald J. Trump, but of your own leadership.  Welcome to Florida.  Bienvenidos! Please vote back on your own Island by absentee ballot and do not infect La Florida any further than the immigrants we get yearly from the socialist states of New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere.  Fine?  Have an empenada with alcaparado!)

“Early ‘Cember Rains”

Rare ‘spring’ heatwave brings

early ‘cember rains and cold:

Sweaters on Sunday!*


  • (Two weeks ago it was a mile cold front with maybe high 50ºs at morning  and in ten days that all changed with a moderately strong cold front and maybe high 40sº and just last night the weather-shouters in Melbourne, Florida, opened the bid for the last trick at “somewhere in the 30sº. Oh, joy.  That’s why I made the seed-pots so portable instead of ground-sewing with a straw protective cover.  A Christmas freeze in the offinig?  That would be nice.  Knock down the fleas and ticks and mayhap move the Urban Outdoorsmen among to migrate a mite southerly?  Some such already have moved into the big round replacement sewerpipes still homeless and above-ground out by the nearly tripled-in-size community garden by the big treelot bordering the park which served for a time as the Hurricane Irma detritus deposit and now serves as the seemingly yearlong repository of the Sanford Stormwater Sewer replacement/improvement project.  Hey.  Sounds good to me, a nice thick piece of concrete on a curve for sleeping and sitting and mostly dry for thems as do not wish to take on the trouble of a homeless shelter.  I can dig it.  Too bad the city won’t.)

A John Coyote Presentation

Originally posted on a woman is a poem; read her: she wanted to be the catalyst the inexplicable force that begged his pen to press into the naked moleskine pages the marrow in his metaphysical quill ‘mark them, make them yours’ she wanted to be the collaboration the cathartic bleed of ballpoint ink and the…

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“Man On A Toy Bike” Tanka 881

Man rode toy bike by:

rake yo’ leaves – cuplabucks?

I looked at my pile,


said: Seven I got for beer:

‘sides, see the pile ‘neath these trees?*


  • (The child’s miniature dirtbike he rode made him look ridiculous, and I told him to ride over the big four-lane highway next block to the East where the rich white folks live and carry his lawnrake and maybe he’d fine work there and even if not in a couple of hours stop by and I’ll have a cold one ready to share.  Damn fool who didn’t take to time to scout his “mark,” could have seen the recently raked near clear of leaves front yard and the piles of leaves ringing the garden and didn’t even tailor his pitch to the market.  Get rid of the kiddiebike, buddy, and don’t go shopping in the wrong aisle.)