“Trenchant Talk”

trenchant talk of

‘Net Neutrality’ natterings:

Used Oil Snake Sellers!*


  • (Net Neutrality, as I have come to understand it, is a typical turning of phraseology inside-out, like Macro-Economics texts and lectures, using currently understood words in seriously skewed salons to produce opposite effects among the affected.  And the barrage of Net Neutrality talking is going great guns on Twitter and I suspect other media platforms.  Do your own reasearch – go to both conservative and liberal thinktank sites and try if possible to steer clear of spokesmen and spikesladies and celebretards of any ilk.  Net Neutrality is about control of a formerly uncontrolled environment.  You want faster, better, glitzier: go pay for it yourself.  You want to whine and say but that’s not fair – go find some net neutralists to lie for you and say big biddness is trampling your rights to free stuff.  Go search the history of The Internet.  Not AlGore’s, but the real one that came out of America’s military and academic collaborative efforts to get information where it belonged fast and simple.  Net neutrality – as applied to, say, Apple I Phones and before – wireless phone technology was available in the middle 1940s but some one – lets call him A T And T or even ITT before some government decided it was a bad thing and Ma Bell had to find a new way to hide and guard its goldmine – said to the government it’s a bad thing to offer that too soon to too many without us getting a share of the profits – or prophets – and thus that realm of technology was squelched until the mid-1980.  That seems neutral, no?  No?  Well, go do some real research, then.)

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