“Next Big Wind” Tanka 873

Next big wind here’bouts

well may have grown dead tree-parts

playing hob with yard:


Like steroid-ed banana

stalks, but sharp, pointy-ended!*


  • (The accompanyment to the haiku Next Big Wind illuminates this passage rather well, I think.  Suffice to say next even medium-sized wind will find lots of people cussing – the yard and appointments a mess; the car or truck dinged; the cat or dog or – forbid! – kid or spouse punctured.  Like brown Christmas ornaments writ large, the dead treelimb portions ranging from but leaf- and twig-litter to six-foot by 12-foot limbs with accouterment entire, like the above banana stalks on steroids with sharp pointing things instead of soft munchables, well may rain down on the just – cars and trucks and school buses – and the un- – kids and spouses and pets and persons too privileged to look up when they hear a creak, a groan and a goodly gnash indicating big things coming down!)

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