“I Set Out To Prove” (v 2)

I set out to prove

riverwater is brown,

refracting that way!*


  • (Just get close enough, say, to The Saint Johns River running North right by Sanford – looks crystal blue to me too – up on the hill a mile-or-more away and even on its not-so-tame banks confined by concrete but out in a canoe or a small boat when you dip a hand in to take a sip you can see why that might not be such a good idea even if not longer are there cows – but feral pigs, yes! – to add flavor: it’s the tannin that stains the water brown and after a bit of a minor or medium flood as we have had the past few months it seems, the brown is there more readily seen up close.  Even the fish line up at Lone Cabbage and other watering holes from Brevard to Duval to offer liquid unbrown cheer.)