“‘Dillas ‘N’ Dips”

Florida provides

avocados, onions and

else for this grilled cheese!*


  • (Just rescued a ripe avocado from the roof where it fell yesterday from a much-ravaged decades-old tree still recovering from its rough winter-last and spring storms – so much so that I had to avoid wrapping bits of meat and whole fish in its leaves to infuse flavor from these versatile wrappers.  On today’s menu: shreds of smoked turkey, grilled red onion and jalapeno rings, a melange of Mexican and Southwestern cheeses and sprinkles of dried and crushed chipotle, all resting on a bed of sour cream-bottomed pinto bean refry with dried chorizo crumbles, grape tomato chop, sans seeds, green onion-garnished garlic and white onion minced addition.  I will of course hold back some avocado and some refried beans to convince to become dip for tortilla strips and some beans to take a bath inside celery walls with oil-cured black olives, bread-n-butter pickles, green onions entire, carrot spears and unalone examples of grape and cherry tomatoes with Kirby cucumber spears before the first fall frost beats winter to the punch.  It’s a two-beer buffet whilst I clean house and hearth to make merry the first fruits of Thanksgiving with sufficient breaks in chores to keep the dip and quesadilla company.  The menu for Saturday’s Florida-Florida State football game? Add popcorn to the above.  Butter – ¿Como no? Of course there will be composed and tossed salads through the festive day.  The dressing? Mine own EVOO, self-made red wine vinegar, shallots minced fine, both Dijon and full-grain German-style mustards and a touch of dry as well, Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, a dash or three of Peychaud’s bitters, a bit of either honey or tangerine peel-cured sugar or both and mayhap a sacrificed mashed sliver of anchovy. Glad I chained myself to this library keyboard else I’d trail drool all the way to the office where the repast lurks awaiting my return.)