“Dawn Patrol Crows”

Crows go ‘Dawn Patrol,’

racing over Sanford ‘fore

a five-day rainstorm.*


  • (At least that’s what National weather radio has to say for the prospects of a wet and possibly stormy Tuesday-through-Friday series of tropical and sub-tropical “pulses” set to cross our delightful finger of land pointed South and eastward from the Continental United States, my dear state, Florida. I have a dry porch and a festive leadup to Thursday’s Thanksgiving, books, music and maybe a slight touch of kitchen wizardry to perform amidst some radio sports.  Some emails to brothers and their better Eleven-Tenths and their daughters, too.  I have a newfound book for the English doctor-candidate, Prep with which to scandalize her parents perhaps. That’s just one part of an uncle’s ever-unending job, a joy always.  The opera niece, her PhD decreed, a touch more difficult to find some way to present – but she has bestowed my every dream for her already and thus I shall give her my glow.)

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