5 thoughts on ““Please Rescue Me: I Am Drooling Over The Dam!”

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    • I so very am and I count it a treat that I now may add your sterling Brussels sprouts treatment to some of my own – both gleaned and grown from my love for these wondrous treats.


      • Kim: I must object! Brussels sprouts humble? No way. Compact better-n-cabbage I might accept. But I have yet to taste a humble Brussles: even those boiled horrors less capable cooks conjur and the latterly cuisinart-shredded then sauteed with good olive oil surely can not be claimed modest at best or humble – though I will concede some call it a humble dish. Why the way it grows on cruciform-topped stalks, like little droplets of God’s great gift climbing to heaven only to be intercepted, trimmed of tough outer leaves – all to the welcome by industrious Nightcrawler earthworms making more compost to dress the next generation. I even pay money in grocery stores for sad examples, imprisoned in plastic – uggh! – if none other offering is available. On fifth though good Kim of Glover Gardens, perhaps we should let the ignorant go about their macque choux or – horrrors! without any cabbage or close relative at all – coleslaw only existence unaware of the delights of taste and texture and your so wondrous additions I can not wait to try. More for us, that way. Besides, that tuna guy, Charlie, already has a gig. I’d just flash liminal and subliminal images of your creations above bins of the crisp creatures on display with – one hopes – paper sacks by which the cognoscenti may move said deliciousness from purchase to sink and then heaven.


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