“‘Wild Thing’ Edited”

“Wild Thing, you make my”

Thing Swing* my edit of Kinks’

mid-Sixties classic.


  • (When I taught my then high school freshman youngest niece my version of The Kinks classic rock anthem I had no idea she’d perform the version for her high school (private, parochial) English teacher.  Reports the young lovely, the teacher fell off her chair and did a clean sweep of the space between desk-and-chalkboard, proving as her mother avers, “The Girl Is ALL Richards!” My other Sister-in-Law had said the same complaint about her and my older brother’s daughter some few years before, complaining that somehow the Richards genes drove out the more genteel gene of her parents lineage and that girl, too, was – and remains – All Richards.  And they both pointed to me as I were the culprit, not my Saturday Morning skivvies-wearing brothers.  What A Justice (or ‘In’ if you prefer)! I do my best.)

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