“The Media Know*” Tanka 862

The Media know

no history – and knows not

what’s in store for them:


Once the Communists take charge

They will be Third** to ‘The Wall!’


  • (Media, like Data, are plural.  That’s something school so rarely teaches and teachers so rarely, apparently, learned themselves.)
  • ** (First to get eradicated will be The Clergy; second, the Protestors – most of whom helped bring about The Revolution; then, third but by no means last will come The Media’s turn to face those little black holes at the ends of long stick thingies some have mistakenly called “guns.” Rifles, really. Check out the socialist/communist revolutions so far and see who and in which order “go to the walls” and then only after everyone’s properly cowed the remainders to the re-education camps.)

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