“SomeKid ‘Offed’ Himself”

Some kid ‘offed’ hemself

at school’s bussstop – now, expect

more gun-control nuts!*


  • (A Central Foorida high school senior chose a fire drill to kill himself with a handgun by the schoo’s bus stop area – prompting, probably quite rightly school lockdowns there and at surrounding schools for younger students.  Now, professional grief counselors, psychologists and the like, will tell all the kids what and how “to process” this event.  And more will make note of the lack of yet more laws to make this impossible to happen again. Really?  We live in impossible times – just like everyone else’s times have been, still are and will be “impossible!”  Blaming the tool will not bring a probably “salvagable” young life back; blaming the parents, the community, the teachers – and, yes, the counselors – too, will not erase a life lost to suicide.  We know what and how and yet we somehow fail to see that each time such happens, regardless the age or the situation, each is unique and not amenable to overarching solutions-borne statements.  Sometimes we will see the pain too late; sometimes it will not be about “the pain;” sometimes no matter how much we study, how much we try to understand, how much we try to avert, to ameliorate, to halt it just will happen.  Scripted scenarios may help – or may not.  Sympathetic ears well may help – or may not.  One lesson remains: humans die. All the time.  Sometimes for no reason, good or foul.  But does that make right a universal call to ban guns – what about steak knives or rat poison or sleeping pills or standing before an onrushing truck or car or train – two area teen girls offed themselves within the previous month by standing in front of a commuter train – and no answers, no notes, no amount of fencing and counseling seems to avail.  Maybe it just is.)

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