“Like Weekend Jailbirds”

Weekend jailbirds are

left off each weekday morning:

with twelve-year sentence!*


  • (It’s not the school kids – doing their time – with whom I have issues, though some of them make unruly seem rule-ish – but he me-first, my time counts most parents who scofflaw their way to gain a few seconds advantage in letting their progeny and possibly neighbors’ suchlike off at Sanford Middle School who park both sides of a narrow residential street which long ago had one-side only parking signs before I witnessed two separate SUV’s use bumper-power to flatten the signs, and other such stupidities to ensure sissy and junior’s safe arrival at their six-hour jail sentences during which time, allegedly, they may make passing acquaintance with such notions as courtesy, community pride and responsibilities and the like.  Makes me long for the days when I feared only the long yellow and black-trimmed monster buses driven by chain-smoking seasoned drivers who brook no nonsense off their charges as they ignore those red hexagonal stop Suggestion Signs.  I want them back!  This magnet school – method of defusing federal integration orders by making all kinds of privileged kids ride with mom or dad to the formerly blighted school on the edge of never-never land so they may take classes in S.T.E.M. and such – and similarly at elementary schools around Sanford getting the same treatment.  The Law of Unintended Consequences at play? Possibly.  But the cop I was talking with said he had to go: the elementary school down the road a few blocks had even worse traffic from maw and paw privilege parking where ever they damn well chose.  What those lessons are for the kids they transport may bite us all on the ass soon enough.)

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