“Something About Peas, Rice-n-Carrots For Lunch”

My Mom did not work

until Storm was Twelve years old.

Nine Months: she was back!*


  • (They hired this delightful Island Lady to do our Summer lunches and without even a word between us: we went to the fridge and hauled out what we wanted and made our own at the table, saying: that’s three separate side dishes, not lunch, ma’am! Dad went on emergency leave the next day until Mom could resign her Dearborn-Dynatronics teaching position the next week.  After that, whenever she had to leave town for a few days or a week – when her dad died, Dad came in to do the cookin’ and we made our least attempt at laundry and cleaning.  All she said was: Thank God I only have two parents!” while hugging all four of us unrepenetants.)

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