“If At First”

If at first you do

succeed, turn around and look:

someone* paved the way!


  • (No, not that Barry Obama or other CrattedDem Drivel, but even if it was you, there’s paver marks aplenty on that road to success.  In one case I know of a PhD who spent his weekday afternoons at a kitchen table going over his lessons time and again while his two older brothers were off deep into play.)

2 thoughts on ““If At First”

  1. Mine own motto is mottled: Never run when you can walk; never walk when you can stand; never stand when you can sit; never sit when you can recline…what are you doing still awake? ‘Twas playing with words and remembering the spider’s lesson to R. The Bruce and thought “what ifs” and thus you motto was inferred. Been offline a couple weeks – methinks – and have much transcribing. Also TCphone died sometime in SepNever and I just now got the newbie to self-christen: alas since I phoneFlip and opt for DumberThanI, much to SirVirginAtlantic’s minions lack-of-pleasure(treasure?) who keep pushing I- and Ana-phones and more lucrative plans my way I have fewer and fewer options…and this new Sung(Son?)ofSam hath no camera and fewer options we well may get along. But the tedium of transcribing contacts for the 95th Nervous Breakdown is what the sign over the rifle range should have read – BTW, Happy 242nd LeatherHead! – That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger. And, I have no desire to Arnold mr. BlackEgger so I shall encourage The Heat Sink to slink my way as is its wont and my curiosity.


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