“A Conundrumical Pair”

How do you make a groan man cry: pay him too much – new tax bracket!

How do you make a hormone: don’t pay her at all!*


  • (The later question-response session was held one fine Sunny afternoon at my little brother’s place.  His daughter was with us to reprobates chattering and chewing and suchlike.  So I turned to Storm and said with an evil glint in all nine of my eyes: How do you make a hormone?”
  • Without a batted eye – or nose – he looked first at me and then at his then 20-something daughter: “Don’t pay her.”
  • She groaned.
  • He gleed.
  • I cried – ’tis best to wet the wooden floor before moping it up with your rolling body.
  • I had no idea Storm knew the jape or even its translation.  And now his daughter has something useful to know from all the terrible other stuff I added to her extra curricula.