“The Survival-Word Song”

Saying “no” is hard

but it’s The Survival Word –

and gets easier!*


  • (A college counselor without an office Alison “Bill” A. M. Masterson who walked point and a near-teen along Korea’s nasty ridgelines and who hung out in the Student Center – too small for a union or even a Rathskellar – and dispensed cigarettes, machine coffee and commuppance contrived for his own sick pleasures, taught an invaluable lesson for a Master of Arts Teaching-degreed former rehabilitation job-retraining specialist.  “No,” BAT Masterson would suggest, “is the only word you need to succeed.  It IS the survival word.  Keeps you unsheep.  Gives you time to research.  Gives you an escape.  It’s hard as hell the first time; maybe even harder the second or third or even seventh-hundred, but each time you use it to express your real self’s desire you grow that much stronger and soon you will giggle at the ease with which you wield your word, dancing to your own tune.  But mistake not: it will be just as hard to say no to a love, to a life, to a job or to a universe the very next time the question’s asked.  As it should be. – I deviated greatly but without any decisive turns off the highway Bill Masterson would have trod.  BAT was a famous shit-stirrer.)

“The ‘Tooth Fairy] Wages War” Tanka 837

Newton J. Snookums,

‘The Tooth Fairy’ wages war

most noise-box mornings.


But ‘The Story Lady’ on

WPGS strong second.*


  • (Local 840 AM.com, WPGS Mims-Titusville.  Make you put up with the crackles and even enjoy the Saturday right-off-the-vinyl oldies session, too.  Be ‘ware: Insane Shane prowls in search of…)


“I Come From A Time…”

One garage band guy

tossed from his school because hair*:

Now beards and tattoos!


  • (Circa 1965 Sanford, Florida garage band with suitable dates throughout Central Florida found at least one of its Seminole High School Shy Guys’ bandmates tossed from SHS because the hair on the back of his head touched his button-down shirt collar.  He went on to DeLand High where we all know degeneracy cometh like ice in an O’Neal play. Not much later the band took its act South and soon – unfortunately just a decade or so too early – became the Band “Miami.”  Later Gloria’s guys made Miami Sound Machine famous.  But Shy Guys never pointed at me and said: whattaboudhim – he hain’t shaved since he been here and he’s a Junior! And that was true.  Some scofflaws are different from just scofflaws, it seems. There’s a tale in that sommers, and I will dig it out of me presently…I call it: “You do not have to shave but once you do you will have to shave every damn day until you die, I die or you leave home,” sayeth that master beard-grower aboard USS Hornet (CV-8) prior to October, 1942.)