“I Remember”

I remember when high schools had marksmanship teams and had had firearms safety training.

The high school teams used air-rifles – probably 17-20+ caliber long and short guns.

Not a single kid so involved ever shot anyone – in school or out – without being sworn officer of the law or a sworn member of our nation’s military in a combat zone.

And a friend of mine makes a snarky comment about high schools offering (and well done, by the way, but if only for firearm wounds too limiting in my opinion) gunshot wound treatment classes.

That’s all well and good.  But linking such learning to men and women, boys and girls needing “their toys” to accidental or deliberate gunshot wounds is too far beneath their reach, methinks.  Solid first aid – and to include trauma! – training at every level of private, parochial or public (government) school) long should have been mandatory in every state, territory or possession of The United States of America.

But to draw by implication the gun is at fault behind the gun lover for the need to have such trauma teaching is absurd.  What about knives, rocks, sticks, fists and feet: they harm more and kill more than you might expect.  Self defense and self-administering trauma first aid sounds fine to me.

“Still A Few Of Us Left*”

still some few drive by,

windows down, music blaring:

Sanford downtown sleeps!


  • (Back in my just-returned from Vietnam Days just after I scored a brand new VW Super Beetle, I pushed in the back two speakers off my Republic of South Vietnam, one each, BASF stereo speakers, attached them to a nifty eight-track and enlightened 6:30 p.m. Saturday downtown Sanford with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida at full bore…but there was no one there, not even a sidewalk, to hear this paean to Bruce Jewett’s fine tutelage the year – and just a mite more – of KalifornHighAyKulture.  But I did get my mom to listen to the full treatment of John Kay’s “The Pusher” in its long version on Mount Dora’s daring underground FM radio, WDIZ, which later became an Orlando mainstream money-maker meaningless machine. The last three responsible citizens of downtown Snaffurd, Flor-hi-diddiya, rolled up that pair of concrete sidewalks no so sullently silent at 8 a.m. but never silent past nine p.m. these days.  In fact, Thursday through Sunday, all of Magnolia Square and much else besides will be full of German bands, music- and merry-makers celebrating with Linda, Christina (and her spouse Matthew) and Linda’s joy Theo Hollerbach to begin Sanford’s ongoing OktoberFest.  Y’all come, y’heah?)