“Making Mourning Big Business”

Making big business

of murder memorials:

Mourning Unbecomes!*


  • (Just heard the foundation detailed to use up the extra money donated to the victims of Orlando, Florida’s now infamous Pulse nightclub mass-murder and shootings, One Orlando, I think it’s called will host a symposium of wigbigs from all over the country who have founded museums and memorials in their locations to come here to talk about what to museumize and what to memorialize with “The Community.” The Community is newspeak code for anyone gay or gay-related or just gay-unhappy or even -happy.  The fund was set up to pay victim’s survivors, the wounded in fact and the wounded in fancy and the wounded (some tried) not even there for their pain and suffering.  The city tried to buy the nightclub’s dirt for its own memorial and after a brief period of assent, the owner – or ownership group; it gets a mite confusing at times – declined the offer and said they’d rather do it themselves.  No one is supposed to see nefariousness here, so I have appointed me for that chore.  We keep this museumizing and memorializing and pretty soon the sociopaths and assorted wackos and idiopaths preaching their way of the blowup will have the state awash in highway who-got-killed-here signposts.  I have no suggestion about the money left over from “taking care of victims” but I’d hate to see TouristTown turned into a mecca of the macabre.)

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