“Festive Salads Out Store” Tanka 843

Big bonanza – store

can’t sell its Spring Mix lettuces:

adopt – quarter price!


The Downtown Saturday (Not*)

farmers’ market had good cukes!


  • (Except for a very few and not always there vendors, the main vegetable stand at the Magnolia Square Saturday Farmers’ Market is a hoax.  I asked the vendors if their seemingly too-perfect offerings came from Lakeland (the big Publix grocery chain’s main distribution center), and they said “No. We just got them from Tampa (another grocery chain’s main digs) last night.” The owner admitted he was thinking of setting up some his-grown fancy tomatoes and such – his dad held forth at the usual herbs and ornamentals stand across the small square, which steadily has grown to include the rest of Magnolia Avenue from First up to Second Street in its southward march through Sanford (Florida, USA), which means mostly if you want home grown veg, look out your back yard or go explorin’!)


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