This Little Dream O’ Mine”

Sometimes, Mon, God, she

a bitch, Mon, and she has wants:

Like get up And Write!*


  • (1:24 a.m. October 5, 2017. Just pissed enough to make sure to get the date and time “stamped.” Dream sequence which later attributed Mon’s name as “Jeffy” after a science/fiction mil/fic yarn which deposited the following gem: “Hey, Jeffy, we’s got to win.  The man: he must win every single time or we win.  All we got to do is win once!”  in the midst of a zombie-filled dream I hated to leave because it had such a fine antecedent and I was not sure I yet retained the ability to drive to the next dream on-ramp and resume my travels. And, now, typing this the imagery flashes across my four- (or is it five-?) head screen and says: just you wait until tonight!)


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