“Beat Them Both Two Death!”

Want to beat brothers

to death – the threat* of them dead

after me yields smile


  • (Originally, ‘threat’ was the only word considered – and then just prior to hitting “Publish” the thought comes: why not “thought?” Less ambiguous, I know, but the mirror-guy as I stood before him to micturate said: be a little eccentric and point the readers sometimes, whyn’tya ya galloot?)


standing, or shaped

to those sinuous esse curves –

woman! fine form!


  • (In the days of 5-7-5 too often I confront recalcitrant lines and sometimes all three revolt with the dreaded 4-6-4 syllabarric count less confused or some say sane individuals would shrug and pass on.  But not me, mere mortal of a lessor landlord; I marshal – and sometimes sheriff’d – my energies and count on – or off! So, how’d the girl get into the picture?  Seriously? Even in this divers age – when oxygen tanks are rendered argon – you need to ask?  Five shame!)