“When Teachers Do Not” Tanka 824

When teachers do not –

or is that can not? – compute,

nor write nor grammar


why should I expect an ‘A’

Not be an ‘A’ after all?*


  • (With apology to A. E. VanVogt The World of Null A  – and other examples from his pen – with its non-Aristotelian theme, reconstituted insect paste for those who would not toil, voluntary and volunteer-led enthusiasms and suchlike – it seems a shame so many years he left Science Fiction to help L. Ron Hubbard with carrying out that trash.  My ire with the profession called instruction rises past mere bile over many irritants.  When I read scholarly apologia concerning the newerestest ways to category and catalog pupil/student/scholar accomplishments written with dangling participles, split infinitives and sorta-near accuracies in mere counting not to mention higher forms such as dividing and multiplying – oh, wait! They gots the multiplication problem solved by adding in ex post conceptive remediation! – I continue unbelief that more and more we are taught uncommunication and uncomputation by functioning unfunctions whose seeming sole benefit to humanity is keeping teachers’ union membership out of my favorite bars during instructional periods.)

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