“TwinkleFlakes Complain”

twinkle-flakes complain

when test-scores compile grade-point

sans homework’s input*


  • (This gem from Seminole County, Florida, high school called Winter Springs: the new 70 percentage of cumulative grade-point averages coming from test scores – the rest from class participation, projects and …the list dribbles to nothingness and incomprehensibilities, all WITHOUT any value whatsoever attributed to HOMEWORK has me at a crossroads.  Do not the teachers and administrators feel up to assigning grades for such after-school submissions, or could it be they are incapable of such discrimination based perhaps on socio-economic jarjonspeak or varied levels of parental influence and support of, say, a new laptop or a well-lit, quiet place free of dstractions such as premium cable television, internet and fancy-dancy cell phone intrusions, or is it just plain lazyness?  Incompetence? Heaven forfend! I had to deal with my high school instructors: A’s in all my tests – regular and unannounced – and one geometry and calculus teacher would re-test each section about a week past its maturity to catch the cheats and reward the workers who toiled to bring light to the mushroom farm – to balance the Zero’s I would earn for not attending to homework.  A 100 averaged on a 0 yields a failing 50 percent score in most universes.  Yet a few teachers negotiated upwards – score 100s and I will compute the zeros at inflationary levels and thus give you a C for the grading period.  Sounded reasonable to me.  And Archie Cannon, the plane and later solid geometry and Calculus teacher told that first geometry class “come up with a proven theorem not in this textbook and I will give you an A for that six – later nine my senior year – weeks.  I got an A. Did more work proving my theorem than ever I would have done on homework, which Arch insisted “shows all work.”  What? Me? Work?  School is where I went to play. And I resent those on either team – students or facullty/admin – who would impede my play!)

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