“Popular Girls”

They are blonde and blue,

black-and-brown, and all between:

svelte and strong, these girls!*


  • (A reinforced patrol of eighth-grade girls give grief to a couple of sixth-grade boys, short and squeam, down the middle school outside sidewalk until other pursuits beckon after the final bell.  These tall, trim girls run a fun pack.  What boys decades ago would pack in that back left jeans pocket, a round can shape denoting banned tins of dip – snuff – not is a rhombus etched in just-as-tight jeans that boys no longer wear proclaiming I-Phone number whatever as they swagger through a newly conquered school year.  Things change. Some sociologist or education doctoral candidate needs to drop by with a six pack and their own chair to watch the show.  Instructive.  Women run middle school now.  The world?  Pffft!)

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