“No Insomnia”

No insomnia,

I heard the house creak wrong!

Ka-Bar* awakened!


  • (U.S. Marine Corps fighting knife first issued at the onset of World War II.  Still in production.  I have several.  the newest version sleeps near me and does not dream.  It, however, clears paths in brambles and thorny vines, dispatches small pine trees at a single whack, scrapes sandspurs or baby cactii off my snakeboots with charming alacrity and never seems to get uninvited during workday restaurant visits…and it does untoward my sister-in-law some…until I rescued for her some extremely long-spined cactii those snakeboots caught up in Jacksonville the other day.  We both have some and I am trying to start some up in a combo potting-soil and sand mixture.  One of the spines almost made it all the way through the stiched leather laceings-point of the boots.  None troubled the anti-snake portions, however.  Might be just the thing for pesky buzzer-fingers on Saturday mornings.)



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