“Marine, Actually” Tanka 822

Just this ‘Ol’e Soljur’

in shade at Magnolia Square:*

Cop ran “homeless” off!


One other ‘Square-head’ shares with

mornin’ sun and leaf-blower.


  • (The day after Sanford, Florida Officer S…. who said on orders from his supervisor Sergeant M…. he “requested” homeless to leave the downtown First Street adjunct Magnolia Square and head on over to The Library early – and, yes, what transpired when he “requested” the same of me was both funny and ire-sparking and a little apocryphally sad while I struggled to maintain a pacific demeanor and yet debate politely after asking permission to ask “why?” and chuckling when said officer hemmed and hawwed his “I don’t want this to sound as if I think you are…” And I supplied: “…homeless? Alas, no.” and then discussion ensued.  The fuller (brush?) tale told soon in richwrapper’s Other Blog “Commentary, Outrages…”)

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